Aurora is Viva’s flagship amplifier, its finest and most celebrated creation.
Aurora is designed to deliver maximum musical articulation and harmonics. Its degree of rendition pushes the boundaries of modern technology to the next level. A single-ended power-tube amplifier, it delivers micro and macro-dynamics of sound with incomparable precision and authenticity.
Unique musical potential of power tubes

After years of research and prototyping, Viva Audio engineers have carefully selected each and every part in this point-to-point, hand-wired masterpiece. Aurora combines the unique musical potential of power tubes with а simple, yet highly reliable contemporary circuit design.

Aurora has a custom-designed and hand-built power supply that allows it to handle difficult speaker loads and complex music materials. It delivers every nuance, every note, every half tone found in a live performance. Aurora is compatible with an array of different speaker systems.


The Aurora's sound impressed reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Art Dudley,

Dimensions w×h×d:
430×250×520 mm

Weight: 45 kg

Direct heated triode tubes


Tube complement: 1×211; 3×845

Zero negative feedback pure class A operation

Real point-to-point wiring

Palladium plated proprietary solid copper binding posts

materials & colours
Aurora comes in a virtually unlimited array of colors. You can personalize your Aurora to match your interior.

Through our local offices and dealers, we offer the option of helping you set up and connect your Viva Audio equipment in order to ensure the best performance results.