Life. Its very presence is believed to have been spoken into existence. We live and breathe to the rhythms of life. These vibrations bring healing to our body just as the soothing lullaby quiets a baby. Whereas, the pounding jack hammer outside makes us want to escape. Sounds draw us into that profound place where harmonies lift us to a higher level.
Viva — Life — is full of sound. Our hearing is one of the most acute senses we have. We work to discern the sounds around us and seek out messages hidden behind simple words because slight inflections in a voice can signal an underlying need.

The phrase, “You are mine”, can bring fear or relief. Our ears know the difference.

The bombardment with too many confusing sounds and an inability to match pace interpreting, cause our ears and brain to shut off the signals resulting in a loss of pleasure and comfort. This confusion creates instability within our being. We begin to lose out on hearing the message.
It is all about our senses. Details, space, air are all felt within when using Viva Audio equipment. Nothing is masked or hidden from the listener. “It allows you to concentrate and listen to the performance.”
The Cello
So how do we at Viva Audio use this magnificent instrument to improve our sound reproduction technology?
The same applies to music. Just as we can tune out a foreign speaker once we fail to keep up translating, so can the confusion and the missing elements in recordings cause us to quit listening. If there is less distortion to distract us, we are able to experience and interpret the music as it happened. The pleasurable experience carries on for an indefinite time.

Viva Audio seeks to create and restore what is lost when a performance goes from being live to a recording.

Elements that bring pleasure get lost inside the noise of disturbances such as distortion of electronic devices altering the full harmonic sequence. Viva Audio equipment assists the listener in receiving a clearer message; at points so clear the imagery of the live performance can be sensed.